Basilisk - Salazar's pet

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Basilisk - Salazar's pet

Post  Basilisk on Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:37 am

Name: Basilisk
Age: When he turned 500 he stopped counting
House: Does not belong to any house although considers himself to be Slytherin mascot.
Magic: Turns living organisms into stone

Personality: He is the creation of Salazar Slytherin. He hates muggleborns.
Appearance: A huge snake

History: He was bought on a beast-market by Salazar. At a time he was just an egg. Salazar brought him into Hogwarts, hiding him from the rest of the founders. He was fed and well taken care off. Salazar even let him slip in his bed. He spoke to him, like he was an equal. He told him of Godric, of Ravena and Helga. “Basi,” he called him sweetly, “I just don’t understand it. When Godric wanted to let brave ones into the school I did not say a word but as soon as I started talking about purity of blood all the founders went off on me. So, by their philosophy, we can let stupid, but brave students in but we will withhold real wizards from school. Tell me, how is that not hypocritical?” Basilisk just looked at him. The next night he sneaked out at night and peed in Godric’s shoes. The next morning, Godric put his shoes on, only to discover a surprise. He was beyond angry. Immediately he thought of Salazar and their fight the day before. He doubted that Salazar himself would leave the surprise, so he decided to check if by any chance Slytherin has gotten himself a puppy. Imagine the shock on Gryffindor’s face when he saw a beast in Slytherin’s room. He ordered Salazar to immediately dispose of his pet. Salazar tried to convince Godric that his pet would not hurt anyone. Godric, being as angry as he was from the accident refused to listen. The basilisk had to go. Salazar was left with his only friend in his room. That is where the idea of the chamber appeared to him. He built it in a matter of hours and took his pet there, hiding him from Godric. From that time on, Basilisk lived good life praying on occasional mudbloods that Salazar would feed him on holidays and rats.

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