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Elliryana Dawson

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Name: Elliryanna Adair Dawson
Age: 19
Hall: Ravenclaw
Wand: 12inch weeping willow(white wood) with pheonix tail feather
Blood: Pureblood
Alignment: Neutral

Elliryanna, also known as Elli, was abandoned at a train station in italy. She was found crying, cold, and hungry and taken to an adoption center where she was given medical care. A year later, she was adopted by two muggles. Two years after that, they discovered she was a witch and happily sent her to the school for witches, wizards and other magical creatures in Italy when the time came. There she also discovered her animagus form, a black wolf with blue fur from its nose to its ears that corresponded with the blue that streaked her hair naturally though she dies it black so that the blue does not show. She excelled greatly in the Ancient Runes department and in potions, loving every specific detail that must be watched. In her last year at the wizarding school, during christmas break, her and her muggle family were attacked by a small group who called themselves Death Eaters. Elli battled with them..there were two, and was sucessful in keeping them at bay until her muggle father came down from the room she had locked them in in fear.. One of the wizards shot the killing curse at him. it hit her father dead in the chest, and then her mother streaked down he stairs, a scream escaping...but she was unable to finish the scream, because it was cut short when a second killing curse hit her in the heart. Out of rage, fear, and sorrow, Elli shot off one of her own killing curses and was sucessfull in killing one of the two deatheaters, who was not expecting her to be so bold in her actions. The other engaged her in a deadly battle. Results were, the wizard escaped hardl wound and Elli lost her sight.


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