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Hayley Burke
Age: 17
Wand: 10 inches, Oak, Dragon Heartstring core
Appearance: Sleek blonde curly hair, usually pulled into a tight ponytail so that her curls can cascade gently down her back. Bright blue eyes. Thin, defined jaw, with high cheekbones. Relatively fair skin.
Status: Pureblood
Bio: Was born to two pureblood parents. They noticed that Voldemort was rising to power steadily, and immediately put her up for Muggle adoption at the age of four, so that she could avoid the imminent danger. She was adopted by a very wealthy Swiss family, who raised her well in their homeland. All her life she has known luxury and wealth. When she went to Hogwarts she located her parents with the help of Professor Dumbledore. She now visits each of her families during the holidays.
School History: Was a good student at Hogwarts. Always got relatively good grades, never failing anything. But, of course, school was not exactly her number one priority.
Personality: Loves to flirt and party, and considers her looks to be an aid to many aspects of her life. Some may call her obnoxious, but her view is: If you have it, why not flaunt it?

<<OOC: hope this is enough for me to be properly sorted! or can I just sort myself?>>
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