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Name: Silvia Diore Alexia
Age: 18
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
Wand: Left hand - Holly, Phoenix feather 10 1/2"

Father's name: Gower Darius Alexia
Mother's name: Briana (Sether) Alexia
Siblings: Silvia has two older brothers - Claude (21) and William (25)
Both her parents were Death Eaters, who were murdered when Silvia was only 6, by Aurors.
She was left, along with her two older brothers Claude and William, to live with her mother's sister, Carmella Sether. Unlike her brother William, Silvia and Claude dislike Carmella very much blaming her for their parents deaths.
Her brother William was put into Hufflepuff, while Claude, like the rest of the family, was placed in Slytherin.
Silvier herself, had a choice to be either sorted into Hufflepuff or Slytherin - as though she was capable of both. She choose Slytherin in the end, fitting in comfortable and happy she made the right choice. But this made her grow distant of William.

Silvia (also known as Silvy) was raised by a wealthy pure-blood family in Wales, where she was spoiled by her father and looked up to her mother very dearly. She misses her parents, but she is lucky to have her two brothers.

During Hogwarts, Silvia managed to do very well at her classes, passing her OWL's and NEWT's mostly with "O"s, though her worst subject was Divination. She found no interest in this class what so ever.
The Legilimency Spell can easy to her, and not to mention blocking other people from her thoughts and memories.

Because Silvia is so bubbly, she will often seem quite confident, with no fear to speak her own mind, and is quite able to act nice to people for personal gain.
She is a typical girlie girl who is fond of boys, but maybe a bit too much in her case.
To people different to her she isn't all too pleasant, but if boredom creeps up she can be quite reasonable and hold a civil conversation (maybe with a little twist of coldness).

To every person there is a secret.
Silvia Alexia

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